Rev 2 of PC Boot Document Uploaded

Duncan Penman penman at
Wed Nov 1 20:45:14 PST 1995

    I just uploaded the 2nd version of a document titled "PC Boot 
Considerations for Devices >8GB" to the ANSI BBS.  The file name is 
95-321r2.doc.  It's in Word 6 format and is about 7 pages long.  This is a
minor X3T10 project, destined to be a Technical Report.  Its basic 
intent is to put a semi-official stamp of approval on INT13H extensions 
documented in the EDD 1.1 spec as the way to access disks greater than 
8GB when you need or want to go through the BIOS rather than around it.

    I think the document is finished.  I'd appreciate anyone interested 
in the subject reviewing it.  I'll have copies with me in Palm Springs 
next week.

Duncan Penman
penman at

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