Persistent Reserve Document, X3T10/95-229r0

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at
Tue May 30 05:39:23 PDT 1995

Bob Snively wrote:
>7) Target Reset

>As presently defined in SAM, TARGET RESET and CLEAR TASK SET clear all tasks 
for all 
>initiators. This proposal retains that property and includes that definition 
in the proposed 
>modifications to clause 5.4 of SPC. Some proposals have suggested that TARGET 
>should only reset the tasks for the initiator that generated the task 
management function. 
>Unless the committee directs otherwise, I propose that we leave the 
definitions unchanged and 
>accept the clear understanding that TARGET RESET will mess up all initiators 
and should not 
>be used. At least it will not clear persistent reservations.

 The proposal is crafted to allow a mixture of legacy initiators (don't speak 
persistent reservations) and Persistent Reservation initiators. What is the 
benefit of having persistent reservations withstanding TARGET RESET if all the 
reserved tasks are blown away? It seems to me you can postulate a useful world 
of throwing away (or retrofitting) all initiators that don't speak persistent 
reservations if the system needs to practice safe persistent reservations. The 
net result could be a cleaner persistent reservation world.


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