Missing Documents for SY-95-03

LJLamers at aol.com LJLamers at aol.com
Mon May 22 16:26:25 PDT 1995

Membership of X3T10
Missing documents for Mailing #3

The following documents are needed for the mailing.  Please post a file to
the bbs or ftp site by noon Thursday, May 25, 1995.  If you cannot meet that
deadline please send me an email stating what mailing you will provide the
document for. 

X3T10/95-200R0	Default Set Multiple Value                               H.
X3T10/95-215R0	Minutes of MMC Working Group - 5/10/95       R. Roberts
X3T10/95-220R0	Response to public review comments on SCC  G. Penokie
X3T10/95-223R0	MMC Functional Requirements                        R. Roberts
X3T10/95-224R0	Report Density Support                                   T.
X3T10/95-227R0	Minutes of System Issues Study Group - 5/95   D. Penman
X3T10/95-229R0	Proposal for Persistent Reserve                       R.
X3T10/95-232R0	Minutes of XOR Study Group - 5/95                 J. Elrod


Lawrence J. Lamers
Vice-Chair, X3T10
ljlamers at aol.com

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