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Mon May 15 11:30:06 PDT 1995

  This is going to ATA & SCSI reflectors only, on the assumption that
everyone interested is on at least one of those two.

Hello all,
   Here=92s the ftp plan.  Please speak up in the next couple of days if =
object to me =

moving forward in the direction described below.

1. Site location
    I plan to use the fission.dt.wdc.com ftp site for the documents that =
under the =

informal System Issues category.  The original plan was to use the Symbio=
site but it =

turned out that John Lohmeyer would have to do all the administrative wor=
himself.  I =

expect there will be quite a few document additions and deletions for a l=
time to come, =

as well as periodic directory restructuring, so this didn=92t seem like t=
best choice.  =

Western Digital offered an alternative.  Their ftp site is outside their
corporate data =

processing firewall, so there are no restrictions on anyone making change=

2.  Current structure of fission.dt.wdc.com under /pub
The following directories are established for publicly accessible

/ata       	contains ata-2 revs 2j, 2k
/ata-2	contains ata-2 revs 2j, 2k, 2l, 3
/ata-3	empty
/atapi	contains 8020 r1.2 and 8029 r16
/cdrom	contains cdrom7.doc (?)
/mmc	contains ph_cdr.ps (Phillips CD-R proposal)
/sff	two subdirectories, 8011  empty, 8020  points to /atapi (above)
/ssa	contains SSA reflector archive file
/swqic	contains XISO9660.doc and qicsw395.doc
/standards    contains the following subdirectories:

As you can see, there is some redundancy between levels and a few out of =
draft =

documents.  There are also a couple of single document files directly und=
/pub that should be moved to subdirectories.  =

3.  Proposed new structure for documents in fission.dt.wdc.com

I propose to do an initial housecleaning pass through /pub with these
a. keep only 1 copy of any document
b. delete draft documents that have been rendered obsolete by later versi=
    ata-2 revs 2j, 2k, & 2l are candidates for this now that rev 3 is
    I won=92t delete anything I don=92t know the status of.
c. rearrange the documents into 2 /pub subdirectories, /standards and /in=

/standards to contain numbered standards and specifications in the follow=
categories:	=

	/incoming	=

	/ata	=

	/atapi		=

	/qic		=

	/ecma		=

	/scsi		=

	/fc		=

	/ssa		=

	/p1394		=

	/hostsw		=

	  (others as needed)
/info to contain informational documents in the following categories: =

  	  (others as needed)

The significance of leaving /fc, /p1394, and /ssa out of the 2nd list is =
that I don=92t =

know of any informational documents to put there.  Consider this an

The above pair of lists is my proposed starting structure.  Others may mo=

4. Rules and good manners

Western Digital provides the facility as an industry service.  They don=92=
administer it or =

police it.  As long as users don=92t abuse it, it will remain open to eve=
 FTP etiquiette =

is pretty simple and consists mostly of a =93Do unto others....=94 policy=
=2E  I
won=92t try to define =

it here. =

It is customary to post a notice on the appropriate reflector when you ad=
d a
document.  I =

think you should also notify people when you plan to remove something.

If you want to contribute something and know where it belongs, just do it=
 The =

two /incoming directories are for documents whose preferred homes are
uncertain.  =

I=92ll try to check it every few days and find a reasonable home for any =
new =

documents placed there.

5.  Tables of contents  =

If anyone has a script for searching a directory tree and creating a READ=
table =

of contents, please send it along.  Otherwise I=92ll dust off my shell
programming =

textbook and put one together when time permits.  I don=92t plan to creat=
e or =

maintain a TOC by hand.

6.  Duplication of contents with other sites

I don=92t personally mind having copies of interesting documents in more =
than 1

place.  If all the useful information pertaining to mass storage devices =
interfaces =

were already available in one place, or even just 2 or 3 places, I wouldn=
bother =

with this effort.

Devon Worrell says he is investigating some mirror site software.  This m=

allow some part of fission... to automatically mirror another site, such =
the =

Symbios /io/standards area, or vice versa.  I support moving toward that =
of =


Enough.  I'll move forward on this unless I hear objections.

Duncan Penman
IIX Consulting
penman at netcom.com

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