FCP, Class-3, and FCP_RSP_INFO

Lansing J Sloan ljsloan at anduin.ocf.llnl.gov
Thu May 4 11:59:55 PDT 1995

To: SCSI and FC Folks (SCSI and fibre-channel-ext reflectors)

I understand, based on public review comment discussions, that
FCP_RSP_INFO and FCP_SNS_INFO fields are independent.  If so,

(1) Is there a data integrity hazard if FCP_RSP_INFO is lost?
(2) Do any of the schemes devised to prevent such hazards protect
    against lost FCP_RSP_INFO?

I raise the question because some of the proposed solutions, based
on ACA etc., seem to prevent loss of FCP_SNS_INFO but I don't see
that they apply to FCP_RSP_INFO.

If there is a problem, I don't have a solution.

-- Lansing Sloan

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