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BobbyG at corp.adaptec.com BobbyG at corp.adaptec.com
Fri Mar 24 08:23:00 PST 1995

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>What is the proper response for a SCAM slave device when it receives a BUS 
>DEVICE RESET (0Ch) message?  I believe that it should execute a hard reset 
>such as cancel all current processes and resetting most default parameters. 
> I am guessing that this does not include resetting the device's SCSI ID 
>once it has been confirmed as a default ID or assigned through the SCAM 
>protocol.  Otherwise, in a SCAM Level-1 system, it would be left without an 
>ID until a SCSI Reset is issued.
>Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated,
>Erich Otto
>Symbios Logic, Inc.


At a gathering we had in Lake Tahoe in January, the consensus was that the 
device was to do all initialization, except for letting its ID go.  
Obviously, if the device gives its ID up, it would be forced to Hard Reset 
the entire bus to get an ID back.  So you are right.

Bob Griswold

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