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Thu Mar 23 22:48:57 PST 1995

TO: Erich Otto
      Symbios Logic

Eric, even though you refer to a "...SCAM slave device when it receives a BUS
DEVICE RESET message..." I believe your are referring to a SCAM device which
at some earlier point had its SCSI ID confirmed or assigned.  There are SCAM
initiator's and SCAM targets on the bus ONLY during SCAM protocol; during
normal SCSI operations, there are SCAM and SCAM tolerant SCSI devices
present, only.

But in reply to the main point of your question:

You are CORRECT that BUS DEVICE RESET does not cause the SCAM device to lose
its assigned SCSI ID.  Annex B in the SPI document clearly defines the RST
signal as the only event that causes a SCAM device to revert to an
unconfirmed SCSI ID.

This issue has been the subject of more than one discussion at the SCSI-3
Working Group meetings and the agreed upon viewpoint matches your

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