REFORMAT of SCSI disks, useful or waste of time?

GEOFF BARTON glbarton at
Tue Mar 21 09:32:21 PST 1995

To:  SCSI reflector
From: G L Barton
          IOMEGA corp.
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Ken asked:
> Currently we reformat all drives that are shipped to us by the  >
manufacturer.  Does this help to weed out and blocks that could have
> gone  bad as a result of SHIPMENT or are we wasting our time?

Gerry Answered, in part:
>  I wouldn't trust the format process ... to detect new bad spots. ...

I don't know about other disk drive companies, but when we do a SCSI
format, we write, read, and test every ID and data field on the disk.
In addition we do this while stressing the channel to help detect defects
that are not totally hard.  There is no scan utility that can do this.  My
answer would be: it depends on the drive.

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