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Mon Mar 20 14:25:05 PST 1995

March 17, 1995

Charles Monia

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X3 Secretariat

Attention: Lynn Barra

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The following are Digital Equipment Corporation's public review
comments on SCSI-3 Serial Bus Protocol (SBP) (X3T10-992D,
revision 19).

Comments are organized as follows:

#xxx (?) y.y.y

Where :

#xxx is the comment number;

"?" is the type (E: Editorial, T: Technical);

y.y.y is the clause or subclause number.


#001 (E) 3.1.1

The text after the first sentence is extraneous material,
unrelated to the definition of the term and should be deleted.

#002 (E) 3.1.5

The accompanying definition is hard to parse. I suggest
replacing it with the following:

"fifo: A target-resident buffer, containing CDS addresses, which
is written by the initiator and read by the target. Buffer
entries are read in first-in first-out order."

"asynchronous normal fifo: A fifo containing the addresses of
CDSs to be serviced according to the target's policy for normal
CDS execution."

#003 (E) 3.1.6

See comment 002.

#004 (E) 3.1.10

I suggest modifying the definition as follows:

command fifo: A fifo containing SCSI command CDS addresses.

#005 (T) 3.1.20

.See comment 002.

#006 (T) 3.1.21

See comment 002.

#007 (T) 3.1.28

The definition for stream identifier seems incomplete. What does
a stream identifier identify?

#008 (T) 5.2.1

The first sentence seems incomplete. What kind of target
resource is the TAP slot? 

#009 (T) SAM Protocol Services

In clauses 6.3 and 7.7 of SAM,  protocol services to be provided
by an LLP are defined that support the command and task
management functions. The SBP protocol description should
reference the SAM protocol service and it's arguments
explicitely by name.  In addition to showing the service
interface and its parameters, the clause should map each SAM
parameter into its SBP-equivalent .

#010 (T) SAM Protocol-Specific Responses

As required by clauses 6 and 7 of SAM, SBP should identify the
protocol-specific responses corresponding to the following
service responses:

Task Complete, Linked Command Complete, Linked Command Complete
(with flag), Service Delivery or Target Failure, Function

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