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March 17, 1995

Charles Monia
Digital Equipment Corporation
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X3 Secretariat

Attention: Lynn Barra

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The following are Digital Equipment Corporation's public review
comments on Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI (FCP) (X3T10-993D,
revision 010).

Comments are organized as follows:

#xxx (?) y.y.y

Where :

#xxx is the comment number;

"?" is the type (E: Editorial, T: Technical);

y.y.y is the clause or subclause number.


#001 (E) 3.1.5

All text after the first sentence is explanatory material which
is outside the scope of the definition and should be deleted.

#002 (E) 3.1.7

See comment 001.

#003 (E) 3.1.9

See comment 001

#004 (E) 3.1.10

See comment 001.

#005 (E) 3.1.12

See comment 001.

#006 (E) 3.1.13

See comment 001.

#007 (E) 3.1.15

See comment 001

#008 (E) 3.1.18

See comment 001.

#009 (E) 3.1.20

See comment 001.

#010 (E) 3.1.25

See comment 001.

#011 (T) 3.1.28

The definition for "tag" in the first sentence should be changed
to: "The initiator-specified component of the task identifier."
All text following the first sentence should be deleted.

#012 (E) 3.1.33

See comment 001.

#013 (E) 3.1.34

See comment 001.

#014 (T) Table 2

The names in parentheses in column 1 appear to be the names of
SIP messages corresponding to the specified task management
functions. These names should be deleted.

#015 (T) SAM Protocol Services

In clauses 6.3 and 7.7 of SAM,  protocol services to be provided
by an LLP are defined that support the command and task
management functions. The FCP protocol description should
reference the service and it's arguments by name. I would expect
to see a clause in FCP for each applicable SAM task management
or command protocol service. In addition to showing the service
interface and its parameters, the clause should map each SAM
parameter into its FCP-equivalent and describe corresponding FCP

#016 (T) SAM Protocol-Specific Responses

As required by clauses 6 and 7 of SAM, FCP should identify the
protocol-specific responses corresponding to the following
service responses:

Task Complete, Linked Command Complete, Linked Command Complete
(with flag), Service Delivery or Target Failure, Function

#017 (T) Asynchronous Event Reporting

The mechanism for Asynchronous Event Reporting is not defined as
required by clause of SAM.

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