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Mon Mar 20 12:06:00 PST 1995


X3T10 Server SPI Study Group Meeting
April 11, 1995
9:00 am -- 5:00 pm

Red Lion Hotel
Denver At Stapleton Airport (the old Denver airport)
3203 Quebec Street
Denver, CO., 80207
Phone: 303-321-3333 or 800-547-8010
  Fax: 303-355-0103

Hosted by: Symbios Logic Inc.

No guest room block has been arranged, so make your reservations early!

The hotel provides a shuttle service from the new Denver International 
Airport (DIA) from Terminal West at Doors 506 and 512 and Terminal East at 
Doors 505 and 511.  Passenger pick up is from Island 3 lanes 7 and 8 at both 

Traveling by rental car, take Pena Boulevard from DIA to I-70 West and get 
off at the Quebec St. exit.  Go South (left) on Quebec approximately 2 miles 
and the Red Lion is on the right.  Total distance is about 12 miles.


The purpose of this meeting is to address in greater detail the concepts 
which should go into the proposed Server SPI project.  We should also 
attempt to draft a project proposal for consideration at the May X3T10 

One concept that needs some Engineering input is the idea of a new kind of 
differential signaling that could "fall back" to single-ended when plugged 
into a single-ended bus.  The new differential drivers and receivers would 
be designed so that they could be integrated onto the protocol chip (that 
is, lower power) and when they detect that the bus is single-ended (probably 
through the DIFFSENS line) could fall back into single-ended compatibility.

The marketing guys love this idea -- can the chip guys actually build it?

Draft Agenda

1. Opening Remarks
2. Attendance and Membership
3. Higher Speeds through low-power diferential drivers and receivers
4. Alternate differential termination
5. >16 devices addressable on the same logical bus
6. Draft Project Proposal for Server SPI Project
7. Adjournment

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