MMC WG Minutes 3/8

Sat Mar 18 17:18:46 PST 1995

Accredited Standards Committee*
X3, Information Processing Systems

Doc. No.   X3T10/95-119R0
Date:	     March 8, 1995
Project:	X3T10-1048D	
Ref. Doc.:X3T10/94-057
Reply to: 	R. Roberts

To:	Membership of X3T10
From:	R.K. Roberts
Subject:	Minutes of X3T10 MMC  Working Group - March 8, 1995

1.0 	Openning Remarks
2.0 	Introductions
3.0 	Document Distribution
4.0	Approval of Agenda
5.0 	Meeting Agenda
    5.1	Bill McFerrin Philips Action Item from 2/2 Working Group Session
    5.2   PHILIPS   CD-R proposal presentation 
    5.3   YAMAHA  CD-R proposal presentation 
    5.4   Review any Technology proposals 
    5.5   Proposals for additional clauses to be incorporated in the standard
    5.6   Schedule for standard forwarding to X3
6.0	New Business
7.0	Review of Action Items
8.0	Call for Patents
9.0	Actions Items
10.0	Future Meeting Schedule
11.0	Adjournment

1.  Openning Remarks
Ron Roberts convened the meeting at 1:00 pm.  He thanked Skip Jones of Q
Logics for hosting the meeting.
It was stated that the meeting had been authorized by X3T10 and would be
conducted under the X3 rules. 
 Ad hoc meetings take no final actions, but prepare recommendations for
approval by the X3T10 task group.  The voting rules for the meeting are those
of the parent committee, X3T10.  For the ad hoc, other than straw votes, the
voing rules  are:  one vote per participating company. 
The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the SCSI Reflector, the MMC
Reflector, the ATAPI Reflector,  and will be included in the next X3T10
committee mailing.
As is customary, the people attending introduced themselves.  A copy of the
attendance list was circulated for attendance and corrections.

2.  Attendance and Membership, Introductions
Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward minimum attendance
requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working group meetings are open to any
person or company to attend and to express their opinion on the subjects
being discussed.
The following people attended the meeting.

Name	                       Company	                           E-mail
Mr. Kevin James	      AMD	                                kevin.james at
Mr. Chris Brown 	      APPLE COMPUTER, Inc	brown.c at
Mr. Ash Pahwa	      CD-ROM Strategies, Inc	ashpahwa at
Mr. Joseph Chen 	      Cirrus Logic	                chen at
Mr. Sam Lin	      CMD Technology, Inc.	sam at
Mr. Amrish Patel	      Creative Labs, Inc	apatel at
Mr. Robert Reisch	      Eastman Kodak   	reisch at
Mr. Rob Sims 	      Hewlett Packard	robsims at
Mr. Rob Sims	      Hewlett Packard	robsims at
Mr. Praveen Asthana    IBM Storage Systems	Pasthana at
Mr. Duncan Penman      IIX	                                penman at
Mr. Mike Flora	      Microsoft Corp	                mikefl at
Mr. Neil Sugie	     Mitsumi (Alpha Peripherals)101122.1711 at
Mr. Kevin  Matsuda      MKE/Panasonic	          
     kevinm at 101175,176cis(compuserve)
Mr. Peter Grossler	     NSM Jukebox Gmbh	cis: 73503,3467
Mr. Peter Brown	      OAK Technology	brown at
Mr. Charles Yang	      Panasonic	                picavccy at
Mr. Marc Severi	      Philips	                ms at
Mr. Bill McFerrin	      Philips	                bill-mc at
Mr. Jan Enderink	      Philips Laser Optics	enderinj at
Mr. Kevin Ross	      Philips Semiconductor	rossk at
Mr. Sunil Nethisinghe     Philips Semiconductors	nethisin at
Mr. Curtis E. Stevens    Phoenix Technology	curtis.stevens at
Mr. Kazuhiro Chigita      Ricoh Co., Ltd	
               chigita at
Mr. Robert DeMoulin      Ricoh Corporation	75554,1134 at compuserve
Mr. Kazushige  Yoshino Sanyo	                yoshino at 100213,3362.compuserve
Mr. Tsutomu Ogishi	     Sanyo Semiconductor Corp ogishits at
Mr. Ron Roberts	     SIERRA-PAC Technology	rkroberts at
Mr. Steve Finch	     Silicon Systems, Inc. 	steve.finch at
Mr. Mike Yokoyama      SONY	   
                            masayuki at
Mr. Stan N. Huyge	     Symbios Logic	               stan.huyge at ftcollins.ncr.c
Mr. Patrick Mercer	     Syquest Technology	patrick.mercer at
Mr. Tom Hanan	     Western Digital	                hanmann.j at
Mr. Devon Worrell	     Western Ditigal	                worrell at
Mr. Nick Emoto 	     Yamaha	                nick at
Mr. Ken Takeshita	     Yamaha Corp 	                take at
Mr. Kasushi Tamai	     Yamaha Corp	                tama at

3.  Document Distribution
1048D	Multi-Media Commands revision 2.0a was distributed
	CD-R Command Set Proposal for MMC by Philips
	CD-R Command Set Proposal for MMC by Yamaha
	Comments to Philips proposal by RICOH

4. Agenda
The agenda was approved as modified
Bill McFerrin of Philips presented a proposal for playing more than Audio.
 In discussions that followed it was suggested by D. Worrel of WD that we add
a new op-code to play audio. A proposal will be required at the 3/29
Philips presented their CD-R proposal. In discussions that followed it was
requested that Philips present command flow and basic architecture at next
meeting (3/29). RICOH Corp. provided some copies of their comments to the
Philips proposal. (for copy contact RICOH attendee, no electroinc copy was
supplied to editor).
Yamaha presented their CD-R Proposal. There was minimal discussion as
everyone tried to comperehend the presentation. Copies of the proposal can be
obtained from Yamaha attendee.
EDITORS NOTE:  each presentation should be provided to the editor in
electronic form so that it may be included in the official minutes.
Robert Reisch of Kodak presented a very high level view of the architecture
Sony presented packet size definition in response to action item form last

5.  Review of Action Items
1) Philips to	 present on 3/29/95 a typical flow of identified commands would
be used.
2) R. Reisch to present a more detailed view and discussion of the command
flow and op-code requirements for a CD-R.  

6.  Old Business

7.  New Business
Open items that need be resolved:
	A. Schedule for draft standard generation.
	B. Review Rev 2.0a of the current document (working draft)

8.  Call for Patents
Ron Roberts requested that anyone aware of any patents required for the
proposals, be disclosed early in accordance with the ANSI patent policy.

9.  Meeting Schedule
March 29 & 30, 1995 in Sunnyvale CA, hosted by Philips Semiconductors..
Direction and times to be posted to reflectors.
May 9, 1995   in Harrisburg, PA  hosted by AMP Incorporated   X3T10 week..

10.  Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at  4:00 PM on March 8, 1995.

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