Server SPI Meeting in April

Jim McGrath jmcgrath at
Fri Mar 17 10:41:54 PST 1995

                      Subject:                              Time:  10:19 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Server SPI Meeting in April           Date:  3/17/95

At the Newport meeting we authorized a study group effort on
Server SPI (SPI-2 activities related to increasing bus speed
(e.g. Fast-40), number of devices, and cable length).  We left
open the date and location, to be discussed on the reflector.

I talked to Bill Ham, and we are both free on either Thursday April 6
or Tuesday April 11.  April 6 is during X3T11 week, but it only
overlaps FC-AE and FC-EP.  The Fibre disk Ad Hoc is the next day
(all in Monterey CA).  April 11 is the day before the start of the ATA
meetings in Longmont CO.

I can host here in the Bay Area, or either Symbios (old NCR) or Quantum
can host in Colorodo Springs.  Our goal is to make it easy for real
engineer types to attend.

Note that the week of April 17 is after Easter, and may conflict with
many people's vacation plans.  The following week conflicts with SSA
and the Storage forum.  So doing the meeting in the first two week of
April seems the best idea.

Bill Ham has some thoughts on the agenda, and will be sending a message.
Once again, the key is to get our hands dirty with some real technical work.


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