Configure_port SMS & Alarm_threshold

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Mar 16 16:30:19 PST 1995

Note that parts of this activity appear inconsistent with SCSI SAM and
SCSI drivers.  SAM specifies AEN as an asynchronous mechanism
that utilizes the peer-to-peer capability of SCSI.  The work
now being done by George Penokie of IBM and others on 
the management of Predictive Failure Notification messages
|from the target device manages the definition and behavior of
thresholds and the timing and format of the presentation of
standard SCSI information.  Other threshold management is performed by 
the logging pages according to the rules established by the
corresponding TIB and the SPC document.  The environmental and
cabinet alerts are presented using the SCSI-3 Controller Command set
and future SCSI diagnostic commands, not through link level communication.
A generic link has no idea whether or not fans or power supplies exist.

The definitions applied here can only be associated with 
link recovery and configuration alerts that are independent of
device type and behavior, not with SCSI node alerts like PFN, environmental
alerts, or device safety conditions.

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Accredited Standards Committee
X3, Information Processing Systems
                                                         Doc:     X3T10.1/95-011
                                                         Date:    14 March 1995
                                                         Project: N/A
                                                         Ref Doc.:989D
                                                         Reply to:Ken Erickson
To:     X3T10.1 Membership
From:   Ken Erickson   at   kerickson at

Subject:    Configure_port SMS & Alarm_threshold

The following change will be proposed to X3T10.1 on April 24, 1995.

After reviewing the X3T10.1/989D revision 3e document, I found that the 
wording for Alarm_threshold in the Configure_port SMS has been changed
|from the original that was voted on last November 18, 1994.

Since the wording for the original proposal is no longer available I 
would like to propose the following changes to section 11.1.3 the
13th paragraph (X3T10.1/989D rev 3e - Configure_port SMS):

The alarm_threshold field contains the number of times the Link ERP is 
invoked before issuing an Alarm_Threshold Exceeded asynchronous alert to
the Master. After reaching the alarm threshold, the target will issue one
and only one additional asynchronous alert.  All other asynchronous alerts
will still be sent to the Master.  An initiator must reset the Link ERP
counter (see section 11.1.7 Query_port and 11.1.8 Query_port_reply) to
restart the alarm threshold function.  Setting Alarm_Threshold to zero
disables the alarm threshold function and prevents the device from issuing
Alarm Threshold Exceeded asynchronous alerts.

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