ATA-2 Revision 3 available

Stephen Finch/SSI1 Stephen_Finch/SSI1.SSI1 at
Fri Mar 17 08:09:28 PST 1995

I have just completed updating the proposed draft standard for ATA-2 Revision 
3.  I have posted it at the following locations:

SCSI BBS:  719 574-0424
Anonymous FTP site:  fission at

The file name is 0948DR3.DOC.  I also put an PKZIP version (0948DR3.ZIP) at 
each site. 

The last time I uploaded ATA-2 Rev 2L to the FTP site, I goofed.  I forgot to 
set a "binary" flag, and the transfer corrupted the files.  I have learned...
After uploading the files this time, I downloaded them and tested.  They are ok 
now.   I appologize for the mistake last time.

Steve Finch
Silicon Systems Inc.
FX:  714-573-6916
email:  steve.finch at

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