SCSI-2 Parity Errors

Witalka, Jerome J [RV] jjw1 at
Thu Mar 16 07:23:00 PST 1995

As a mainframe system Host designer, I would like to enthusiastically second 
this response.

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>From: Jim McGrath
>To: Lawrence Chen; SCSI
>Subject: Re: SCSI-2 Parity Errors
>Date: Wednesday, March 15, 1995 1:25PM
>        Reply to:   RE>>SCSI-2 Parity Errors
>My advice to host people is always to assume the worse and prevent
>the drive from doing anything tricky.  Specifically, reject any
>MODIFY DATA POINTERS or RESTORE POINTERS, and in general just about
>the command (if the drive does not beat you to it with a CHECK CONDITION).
>Parity errors should not occur often (if they do, you are in big trouble
>anyway).  It is simply not worth the debugging and reliability problems
>you get in using a complicated error recovery protocol rather than
>just killing the command at that point and starting over.

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