SCSI-2 Parity Errors

Denis Brockus denis at
Wed Mar 15 09:32:18 PST 1995

I am having a hard time determining what to do from a target point of view
when I detect a parity error. I know that a target should not reply to a
selection if there is a parity error in the SELECTION phase.

When the target is in MESSAGE OUT phase, there are two options after
retries have been exhausted:
    1)	return CHECK CONDITION status and set the sense key to ABORTED
	COMMAND and the additional sense code to MESSAGE ERROR.
    2)	indicate an exception condition by performing an unexpected
	disconnect. (? what happens to the I/O process? is it aborted?)

What should happen if parity errors are detected in COMMAND and/or DATA OUT
phase? How should retries be performed in each of these situations and
what should happen after retries have been exhausted?

Thanks, Denis

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