System Issues: LAST multiple posting (I promise)

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Tue Mar 14 22:16:45 PST 1995

To those who subscribe to multiple reflectors, my apologies for the 
duplicate messages as we were getting organized to deal with host side 
issues.  It was the only way to get to people who may only subscribe to 
scsi or ata.

Well, the good news is we're organized.  (Yeah, really.  Well almost.)  
Anyway, this message is to let everyone know that there is a separate 
reflector now for system issues pertaining to SCSI, ATA, ATAPI, or other 
subject areas related to integrating peripherals into a system.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.  I expect message traffic to be light for some time, so 
you needn't fear being flooded with mail.  If it gets heavy later, it 
will mean we are being successful in addressing worthwhile subjects, and 
hopefully you will stay aboard in spite of the traffic.

The reflector is being supplied by Western Digital.  The same rules and 
etiquette apply as on the other reflectors they support: no recruiting, 
no blatant advertising,  minimal flames, etc.  One of the primary uses 
for the reflector will be to coordinate activities of the newly authorized 
System Issues Study Group under X3T10 and of the newly formed Host HW/SW 
focus groups under SFF.  However, the reflector is not affiliated with or 
under the direction of either group.  It is an industry forum provided by 
WD, and its character will be determined by the people who use it.

We will also be setting up an FTP repository for system oriented 
information (like writeups on BIOS design issues, API specifications, 
Plug and Play information, boot processes, ....).  Information on how to 
access or contribute to the repository will be posted on the SI reflector.

To subscribe, send mail to: majordomo at with the following on 
a separate line in the body of the message:
        subscribe si <your email address>

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