Newporter $ Bug

Skip Jones sk_jones at
Tue Mar 14 11:06:27 PST 1995

Mr. Lohmeyer,

Could you please forward this message to other reflectors so that everyone that
may have attended last week's meetings and stayed at the Hyatt Newporter
receives this message?

Fellow meeting-folks,

Those of you that stayed at the Hyatt Newporter last week likely payed too much
per day for your room!

You should have payed $90/day plus applicable government taxes for a total of
$100/day.  You were probably charged $109 or $119 with some kind of bogus
referrence to a "Meeting Room charge".

Hyatt screwed up on this. 

What to do?  Nothing.  Hyatt agreed to take it upon themselves to  go through
the books and credit each of you the difference.  This should show up
automatically on your credit card bill.  If you paid by "cash" (a once
much-used method of payment by many civilizations) they are to contact you and
cut you a check.

Please check to ensure that you receive approriate credit.  There still remains
plenty of opportunity for Hyatt to screw up again and not credit you, such as
the case if Hyatt does not have your reservation associated with my group name.

Make all of your correspondence to Hyatt Newporter directly at (714) 729-1234. 
If you get any guff, speak with Teresa Evaristo ext. 536.  Let me know if you
have any trouble. I am at (714) 668-5058.



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