XOR Command meeting minutes 3/6/95

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com
Mon Mar 13 10:44:24 PST 1995

>2) It was recommended that the word "Host" be replaced with "Controller"
>in the title of section 1.1, "Host Supervised XOR Operations".

 Not a helpful decision since both the host and the drive have a controller.

>3) Terminology compatibility between the XOR document and the SCC
>document was discussed. For example, the XOR document uses terms
>such as "Data" and "Parity", whereas the SCC document uses "Protected
>space" and "Check data", respectively, to mean the same thing. It was
>suggested that perhaps the terminology in the XOR document should
>more closely resemble that of the SCC document to avoid confusion.

 This may be a good decision but! If the XOR is to end up in the SBC this 
decision should not be expanded to all instances of data in SBC. Therefore the 
decision should be taken in the light of SBC not just SCC.

>11) It was mentioned that the final version of the XOR document will need to
>be in Frame format (the current format is Microsoft Word).

 If it is going into SBC it should be the same as SBC. I think SBC is Microsoft 


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