ATA-2 Revision 2L available

Stephen Finch/SSI1 Stephen_Finch/SSI1.SSI1 at
Fri Mar 10 13:41:53 PST 1995

I have completed updating the ATA-2 proposed draft standard as per the approved 
responses to the letter ballot.

I have uploaded this document to:

SCSI BBS:    719-574-0424

ATA Anonymous FTP Site:     (directory:  /pub/ata-2)

This update is provided for IMMEDIATE editorial review.  I hope that those 
interested will review the document to make sure
that I didn't "mess up" in the implementation of the changes.   In one week, I 
will take this document, along with any editorial
comments on the changes I have made and create ATA-2 Revision 3.  This will be 
given to John Lohmeyer for further processing
of the ATA-2 standard.  In addition, I hope that this document will appear in 
the next X3T10 mailing.

If you have any questions, please email me or call me.  

See you....

Steve Finch
Silicon Systems Inc.
Ph:  714 573-6808
Fx:  714 573-6916
email:  steve.finch at

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