REFORMAT of SCSI disks, useful or waste of time?

Ken Rivalsi kjr at
Thu Mar 9 06:18:11 PST 1995

A simple question or two.

In days of ST506, when you formatted a hard disk, you know you were 
actually formatting the platters.
I believe that in the SCSI world, the SCSI controller on the hard disk 
remaps bad sections of the platter out of the list of good blocks.

Question: When I (OEM user of 1000 disk/year) reformats a SCSI disk, does 
the on board SCSI controller really attempt to reformat the platters?
What am I not understanding about reformat of SCSI disk?

Question: Currently we reformat all drives that are shipped to us by the 
manufacturer.  Does this help to weed out and blocks that could have gone 
bad as a result of SHIPMENT or are we wasting our time?

Thanks for any opinions or help.

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