Agenda:System Issues Study Group Meeting, 3/8/95

Duncan Penman penman at
Mon Mar 6 14:37:33 PST 1995

Meeting Agenda

X3T10 System Issues Study Group
Wednesday, March 8, 1995 at 9AM
Hyatt Newporter, Newport Beach, Ca.
Meeting chairperson: Duncan Penman

The purpose of this meeting is to generate recommendations  to the 
X3T10 plenary meeting on which system issues should be addressed 
by X3T10, on the priorities of the selected issues, and on a course of 
action to get each issue resolved.  A report on this meeting will also be 
made to the SFF meeting on 3/10.  We will not try to solve the 
underlying technical problems of agenda items 5, 6, & 7 at this 

PARTICIPATION BY EMAIL:  If you are not at Newport Beach this week and 
want to add anything to what has already been on the various reflectors, 
please post it by Tuesday evening (California time).  I'll collect any 
pertinent messages on Wednesday morning before the meeting.

 3.  Approval of Agenda
 4.  Procedural Topics
     4.1  Definition of work within the scope of X3T10
     4.2  Definiton of work outside the scope of X3T10
     4.3  Need for a permanent Host Issues working group
     4.4  Coordination with groups outside X3T10
     4.5  Information bank/document retrieval
 5.  SCSI System Issues
     5.1  Consistent assignment of logical IDs
     5.2  Plug and Play liaison
 6.  ATAPI Issues
     6.1  ATASPI
     6.2  Compliance definition/Test suite
 7.  ATA System Issues
     7.1  Large drive addressing
     7.2  BIOS-to-OS interface specification
The two above stand out by virtue of the large amount of work and 
discussion that has already taken place.  The items below are not 
necessarily less important, just less visible.  
     7.3  Controller implementation standards
     7.4  S/W standards for the Boot Block and Partition Tables
     7.5  Port and IRQ assignments
     7.6  Disk interchangeability between systems
     7.7  Standards conflict between ANSI, PCI-SIG, and Microsoft
     7.8  Host model
     7.9  FDISK function definition
     7.10  Plug and Play impact of new features 
     7.11  ATA support on non-x86 platforms

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