Announcement of April Meeting of P1394 Ballot Response Committee

Fri Mar 3 10:06:16 PST 1995

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This note announces the April meeting of the P1394 Ballot Response
Committee (BRC) meeting in Austin, Texas. It is anticipated this will
be the last BRC meeting and that at the meeting conclusion there will
have been produced the new draft of P1394 intended by the BRC to
respond to the public review comments directed to P1394 draft 7.1v1.
Three sessions are scheduled as follows:

   Date/Time:   (1)  April 5, 1995  from 2 PM to 6 PM    (Wednesday)
                (2)  April 6, 1995  from 2 PM to 6 PM    (Thursday)
                (3)  April 7, 1995  from 9 AM to 3 PM    (Friday)
   City:  Austin, Texas
   Loc:   MCC Building quarters of Skipstone Corporation
          On Breaker Lane at intersection of Breaker Lane and Mopac
   Host:  Gary Hoffman, CEO of Skipstone
          Phone: (512) 335-7454
          E_mail:  gary.hoffman at

Continuing the practice of seeking participation with the broad base
of individuals interested in P1394, the present meeting is being held
in conjunction with the April meeting of the P1394 Trade Association.
Sessions (1) and (2) above will overlap and be scheduled as break out
groups of the Trade Association meeting of April 4 to 6, 1995.
Session (3) is exclusively a meeting of the BRC. All three sessions of
BRC are open to any person interested in participating in the BRC work
effort, be they members of the trade association or not. As per prior
BRC meetings, each participant will have an equal opportunity and equal
voice in the BRC discussions.

Gary Hoffman is the host of the meeting and should be the contact point
regarding any administrative questions as well as questions regarding
the Trade Association agenda, sessions, or membership. Gary advises me
there may be some contribution requested toward defraying costs for those
BRC participants partaking in the catered lunch and refreshment breaks.
Gary can be contacted if additional information is needed concerning
directions and hotel arrangements.

Jerry Marazas is the chair for the BRC sessions and should be contacted
regarding questions as to the technical agenda.

<> Proceed from the Austin airport to Interstate I35
<> Proceed North on I35 to the Breaker Lane exit
<> Proceed West on Breaker Lane (several miles), crossing though
   Burnett Road and crossing over Mopac.
<> The MCC building (large and hard to miss) is on the right hand side
   of Breaker Lane, just passed the intersection of Breaker Lane
   and Mopac.
<> Register with the Trade Association meeting receptionist and
   receive your name tag. Please note, part of the MCC building
   is a secure facility.

The following information is taken from the note by Gary Hoffman
announcing the April P1394 trade association meeting. The included part
describes hotels and special reservation rates which are available
per Trade Association efforts.

************    Appended Note

 This is an announcement for the April 4-6 General Session of the
 1394 Trade Association in Austin, Texas.  This meeting will be held
 in the location of Skipstone's offices, in the MCC building.  Directions
 will be sent in a separate email.

 Please identify yourself as attending the "1394 Trade Association
 Meeting" at nearby hotels that we have contract rates with, when making
 your reservations.  All three hotels have airport shuttle buses and are
 within a 5 minute drive of our offices.

 Hawthorne Suites: 512.343.0008
 $92  Single
 $119 Double
 This includes breakfast, happy hour, and dinner buffet.

 Holiday Inn North: 512.343.0888
 $65 Single, for the next three days. limited availability
 $85 Single
 $80 Single, special contract if you contact me by Monday, 3/6/95.

 Stouffer Renaissance: 512.343.2626
 $103 Single
 $113 Double
 $116 Single Club, includes breakfast & happy hour
 $126 Double Club
 These rates are only good until Friday, 3/10/95.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
 As usual, the agenda will firm up about 2 weeks before the meeting.
 There will also be a Digital Camera Working Group and an IEEE 1394
 Ballot Review Committee meeting overlapping the Trade Association meeting.

 cheers, g

 gary a hoffman
 Skipstone, CEO
 512.502.8464 office
 512.349.2139 fax
 gary.hoffman at
***********************************  End of Appended Note

Best regards,
Jerry Marazas,
P1394 Chair

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