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Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.FtCollinsCo.NCR.COM
Fri Mar 3 09:06:00 PST 1995

To:    SCSI Reflector and Guy Kendall
From:  John Lohmeyer


You are absolutely right about the picture being correct and the text 
omitting the step of asserting DB(6).  Peter Johansson (who wrote this 
section of SPI) has already noted the error and asked that it be fixed as an 
editorial correction to SPI.  It is on the agenda for next week's committee 

I disagree with Jim MGrath's statement about the " authoritative reference 
is the orginal SCAM document, rev 5".  It certainly is worth checking if you 
have any doubts about Annex B in SPI, but it is NOT the "authoritative 
reference".  X3T10 has voted to accept several changes since that document 
which are included in the SPI Annex B.


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