SCSI-3 SBC Revision 1

Thomas Tewell thomas.tewell at
Wed Mar 1 18:18:45 PST 1995

SCSI-3 SBC (SCSI-3 Block Commands) revision 1 is now on the SCSI BBS.
I have provided a Word 2, Word 6, PostScript and ASCII Text version.
This version is "SAMinized".
In addition, the following changes have been made:
    Added following approved X3T10 changes:
        90-021R4 Additional Caching Control - Revision 4
        91-014R6 Control of SCSI Device Power Consumption
        92-006R1 Enhancement of Command Sets for Removable Medium 
                 Devices with Medium Changers
        92-130R2 Synchronization Status and Errors
        92-217R1 SCSI Caching Page Changes
        93-041R2 SCSI-3 Changes for Dual Port Features
        95-????  Replacement of 93-077 presented at Tahoe meeting by 
                 Gene Milligan
    Figures Added.
    Updated Table Borders.
    Table of Contents Valid.
    Figure list valid.
    Table list valid.
    Updated John Lohmeyer's vital statistics.
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