Log Sense

Stone, Arlan P [MV] AStone at po10.mv.unisys.com
Thu Jun 22 13:10:00 PDT 1995

Our application clients, which collect log parameters, would like to get all 
the log parameters without doing a separate LOG SENSE for each page code.

LOG SENSE appears to be patterned after MODE SENSE.  MODE SENSE uses the 
page code 3Fh to indicate that all mode pages implemented by the target 
shall be returned.

If page code 3Fh is defined for LOG SENSE to indicate that all log pages 
implemented by the target shall be returned, then the application client can 
collect all the Log Parameters.

If page code 3Fh is added, should the PPC bit be set to zero and the 
parameter pointer field contain zeros, or should they be ignored?

Before making a formal proposal; any comments, suggestions, or 
clarifications would be welcome.

Arlan Stone
arlan.stone at mv.unisys.com
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Unisys Storage Solutions Division
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