Not Good!

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at
Thu Jun 22 12:13:00 PDT 1995

Skip wrote a lot of nasty things about having SFF on Thursday morning in 
July  (why does Skip get away with this?  Is it the accompanying smile?), 
then he asked:

>  When do you plan on setting
>the September schedule?  I'll do my best to be there so that I can do my 
>to ensure this does NOT happen again!

The second to last agenda item on the X3T10 plenary agenda is Meeting 
Schedule.  I expect it will come up at the usual time (around 6-7ish on 
Thursday evening).

And, by the way, SFF was moved to Thursday morning after most of the rest of 
the schedule was set in Harrisburg.  There is also a SSC/SMC working group 
meeting prior to the X3T10 plenary meeting.

I am somewhat concerned by the fact that a fairly large group of people 
apparently plan to leave for home Thursday evening probably prior to the 
close of the X3T10 meeting.  At least the number of guest rooms reserved for 
Thursday night drops by about 25 from the previous night.  This may affect 
our ability to forward documents and resolve letter ballot comments.

In order to try to expedite the plenary meeting, I am asking that those 
people who make project reports and liaison reports please limit them to a 
few paragraphs (if feasible) and provide electronic copies (in advance, if 
feasible) to Ralph Weber.


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