Unable to print SAM-R17 post script file

Charles Monia monia at am.shrmsg.shr.MTS.dec.com
Wed Jun 21 11:17:38 PDT 1995

Lester Buck wrote in part:

>I don't have experience with WordPerfect, but there are a few things that
>might help under Windows.  In the Windows PostScript printer driver,
>way down three levels of options (options, advanced, rocket science...),
>you can choose "follow Adobe PostScipt conventions" or something like that.
>I don't know if this affects WP's printer driver or not, but it might
>be worth a try.  It definitely makes the Windows PS output more portable.

I should have mentioned earlier that I'm running Windows NT (which may be
contributing to the problem). There is no such setting
for NT printer drivers.

Anyhow, I was under the impression that the WP printer driver generates it's
own postscript. I'll check with again with WP
tech support just to be sure.

>I presume that putting the WP source document out on FTP is not an option. :-)

That is correct.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.
Charles Monia

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