Unable to print SAM-R17 post script file

Witalka, Jerome J [RV] jjw1 at PO9.RV.unisys.com
Wed Jun 21 06:37:00 PDT 1995

I downloaded this file and printed it out on our Laser Jet 4 SI Mx without 
any problems via a Netware nprint command.  Be sure you download the file in 
Binary mode as opposed to ASCII.  I found that sometimes a Postscript file 
will look OK after downloading in ASCII mode but will not print.  I also 
discovered that Netscape will download a .ps file in ASCII mode if you use 
it as your FTP Agent and shift click on a file, so I another FTP program to 
get postscript files..

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>From: monia
>To: kerickson
>Cc: SCSI Reflector
>Subject: Re: Unable to print SAM-R17 post script file
>Date: Tuesday, June 20, 1995 2:18PM
>Ken Erickson wrote in part:
>>I have downloaded the SAM rev 17 spec twice now.  Each time I've tried to
>>print the file to a HP 4 Si MX printer all I get is a blank sheet of 
>>The file info was
>>first download
>>sam-r17.psz size: 441986 date:06/09/95, 09:44 sam-r17.psz
>>     sam-r17.ps size:1561876 date:06/05/95, 12:36p
>>second download
>>sam-r17.psz size:442109 date:06/16/95, 01:59 sam-r17.psz
>>     sam-r17.ps size:1562468 date:06/14/95, 11:24a
>>I've tried to copy the "sam-r17.ps" file via windows's filemanager to 
>>and I've tried using the network "npr sam-r17.ps" command all with the 
>>results.  Both of these techniques worked when printing the rev 16 of the
>>SAM spec.
>>Question #1:
>>Why are there two apparently different copies of the SAM with the same rev 

>Both files were created from the same WordPerfect source files but for
>different printers. In an attempt to get a portable version, I generated 
>second file using the WordPerfect printer driver for the Apple LaserWriter 
>Plus (The first version was generated for the Digital Printserver 32).
>Not surprisingly, using different brands of printer as the target output
>causes WordPerfect to generate different postscript.
>By the way, SAM rev 16 was created using WP v5.2 while rev 17 was created
>WP v6.1. This might have something to do with why the postscript file is no
>printable. I've spoken with WP tech support, but they've not been able to 
>light on the problem.
>>Question #2:
>>How do I print either these two files?
>You don't, unfortunately.
>Although I've successfully printed both files here, the experience reported
>by you and others demonstrates that the file isn't portable. Since I have 
>way to test these files on other printer types beforehand, I've resorted
>to posting the file in hopes that it can be printed on some device.
>I apologize for any inconvenicence this may have caused.
>In the meantime, my portability experiments continue.  In that regard,
>any suggestions would be welcome.
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