Unable to print SAM-R17 post script file

Charles Monia monia at am.shrmsg.shr.mts.dec.com
Tue Jun 20 14:18:38 PDT 1995

Ken Erickson wrote in part:
>I have downloaded the SAM rev 17 spec twice now.  Each time I've tried to 
>print the file to a HP 4 Si MX printer all I get is a blank sheet of paper.
>The file info was
>first download
>sam-r17.psz size: 441986 date:06/09/95, 09:44 sam-r17.psz
>     sam-r17.ps size:1561876 date:06/05/95, 12:36p
>second download
>sam-r17.psz size:442109 date:06/16/95, 01:59 sam-r17.psz
>     sam-r17.ps size:1562468 date:06/14/95, 11:24a
>I've tried to copy the "sam-r17.ps" file via windows's filemanager to LPT1: 
>and I've tried using the network "npr sam-r17.ps" command all with the same 
>results.  Both of these techniques worked when printing the rev 16 of the 
>SAM spec.
>Question #1:
>Why are there two apparently different copies of the SAM with the same rev 

Both files were created from the same WordPerfect source files but for
different printers. In an attempt to get a portable version, I generated the
second file using the WordPerfect printer driver for the Apple LaserWriter II
Plus (The first version was generated for the Digital Printserver 32).

Not surprisingly, using different brands of printer as the target output device
causes WordPerfect to generate different postscript.

By the way, SAM rev 16 was created using WP v5.2 while rev 17 was created using
WP v6.1. This might have something to do with why the postscript file is no
printable. I've spoken with WP tech support, but they've not been able to shed
light on the problem.

>Question #2:
>How do I print either these two files?

You don't, unfortunately.

Although I've successfully printed both files here, the experience reported
by you and others demonstrates that the file isn't portable. Since I have no
way to test these files on other printer types beforehand, I've resorted
to posting the file in hopes that it can be printed on some device.

I apologize for any inconvenicence this may have caused.
In the meantime, my portability experiments continue.  In that regard,
any suggestions would be welcome.

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