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Mike Fitzpatrick Mike_Fitzpatrick at notes.seagate.com
Wed Jun 7 05:20:49 PDT 1995

To: OEMs
     Systems Integrators
 Component Suppliers
 and All Other Parties Interested in FC-AL

From:  Mike Fitzpatrick
          Seagate Technology

A meeting has been set up for all parties interested in the use, integration, 
promotion and education of FC-AL.  

Although the initial notice called this meeting a Users Group, the intended 
audience is anyone that has an interest in FC-AL.   If "Users Group" is the 
wrong term, then we will resolve it at the first meeting.

 The FC-AL Users Group meeting is set up for 
  Date:      Thursday, June 15th 
  Time:  from 5 to 9 PM
  Place:      Radisson in Rochester, MN. 
  Meeting Room: Galleria II room

Attached is a preliminary agenda.





 1)  Meeting start and Introductions

 2)  Solicit Volunteer to Record Minutes for Meeting

 3)  Comments Regarding Purpose of Meeting -- Mike Fitzpatrick (Seagate)

 4)  General Presentations on Use of FC-AL
  4a)  General Purpose Applications for FC-AL -- Bob Whitson (H-P)
  4b)  Networking and Other Applications for FC-AL -- Gary Warden (Systran)
  4c)  FC-AL for Storage Devices -- Mike Miller (Seagate)
  4d)  Cost Effective Networking with FC-AL -- Wayne Ricket (Emulex)

 5)  Identify Needs (Marketing and Technical) to be Addressed by Users Group

 6)  Identify Possible Structure and Goals of User Group

 7)  Presentation from FCA on forming a Special Working Interest Group -- Brian 

 8)  Open Discussion on Direction of Group

 9)  Discuss possible participation at Fall Comdex '95
 10)  Identify Agenda for Next Meeting

 11)  Summarize Action Items   

 Any question, please contact me.

 Mike Fitzpatrick
 Phone    405 324-3478
 FAX       405 324-3794
 E-Mail    Mike_Fitzpatrick @ notes.seagate.com 

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