Question on Target initiated negotiations...

Brent Skinner skinner at sector.Kodak.COM
Thu Jun 1 09:45:53 PDT 1995

> So far I have not seen any drives that will initiate negotiations before
> the command phase, but there may be some out there.

Well, actually, the product on which I am currently implementing SCSI 
will initiate negotiations prior to the command phase if the host hasn't
already done so. From the perspective of my code, if the initiator has 
attempted Wide or Synchronous negotiations, then that is sufficient for 
the drive to not initiate negotiations. I had not planned on implementing 
a mode page to prevent this. Previously, integrators have balked at 
implementing vendor unique mode pages. I would really like to know if 
this will be a problem, especially with legacy initiators, so I can revise 
my design. 

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