Multiple ports (was "Control mode page")

Lansing J. Sloan ljsloan at
Fri Jul 28 10:25:42 PDT 1995


A recent message of Kurt Chan's pointed out "ByprtM" and "BybthS".
Are these still appropriate given the removal of dual-port
specifications?  Should they be retained but described differently
given the work done on multiple port operations via persistent

Assuming the bits are still appropriate, replacing "both ports"
with "all ports" seems like a possibly good fix.

>From:  Kurt Chan
>To:    disk_attach
>Subj:  Control Mode Page
>Date:  Thu Jul 27 18:24:05 PDT 1995
>Four new bits:  GLTSD, RAC, ByprtM, and BybthS are in the control mode page
for SCSI-3 (SPC rev 7, page 94)


>ByprtM = 1 says TARGET RESET applies only to the port which received it (vs
>both ports).
>BybthS = 1 says a LIP hard reset applies to both ports (vs just the port
>which received it).

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