95-284r1 Minutes of SSC/SMC WG mtg, 7/13/95

Erich Oetting erich_oetting at stortek.com
Mon Jul 17 12:38:28 PDT 1995

Minutes of SSC/SMC Working Group mtg.                X3T10/95-284 r1

Colorado Springs, CO.

Accredited Standards Committee
X3, Information Technology

To:         Membership of X3T10

From:       Erich Oetting

Subject:     Minutes of SSC/SMC Working Group Meeting
                    Colorado Springs,CO.  July 13, 1995


1. Opening Remarks

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Attendance and Membership

4. SSC Topics
4.1 - Existing Density codes.
4.2 - Density Support command (X3T10/95-224r4)
4.3 - Initiator controlled write protect.  (X3T10/95-134r0)
4.4 - Flushing the write buffer.
4.5 - Log Sense Data.
4.6 - Locate to an invalid block.
4.7 - Compression identifiers in SSC Table 30.
4.8 - Medium Type Field in Mode Sense Header.
4.9 - Are setmarks and filemarks counted as blocks?
4.10 - Tape Capacity page.
4.11 - Device Capabilities page.

5. SMC Topics.
5.1 - Attached Medium Changer.
5.2 - SMC document status.

6.   Other Topics
7.    Meeting Schedule
8.    Adjournment

                              Results of Meeting

1.    Opening Remarks

Ted Lappin, the SSC Technical Editor, called the meeting to order at 9:25 a.m.,
Thursday, July 13, 1995.  He thanked John Loymeyer of Symbios Logic for
arranging and hosting the meeting.

As is customary, the people attending introduced themselves and a copy of
the attendance list was circulated.

The draft agenda was approved.

3.    Attendance and Membership

 Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward minimum
attendance requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working group meetings
 are open to any person or organization directly and materially affected by
 X3T10's scope of work.

The following people attended the meeting:

         Name            S   Organization        Email Address
 ---------------------   --  ----------------    -------
Mr. Erich Oetting        P  Storage Technology   erich_oetting at stortek.com
Mr. Alan Olson              3M                   arolson at mmm.com

Mr. Al Pease                Buslogic             alp at buslogic.com
Mr. Roger Cummings       A  Storage Technology   roger_cummings at stortek.com
Mr. Arlan Stone             Unisys               arlan.stone at mv.unisys.com

Mr. Paul Entzel             Conner               paul.entzel at conner.com

Mr. Edward Lappin        P  Exabyte Corp.        tedl at exabyte.com
Mr. Ralph Weber             ENDL Associates      roweber at acm.org
Mr. Lansing Sloan           LLNL                 ljsloan at llnl.gov
Mr. Peter Gossler        P  NSM Jukebox GmbH     73503,3467 at compuserve.com

10 People Present

Status Key:  P    -  Principal
             A,A# -  Alternate
             O    -  Observer
             L    -  Liaison
             V    -  Visitor

4.   SSC Topics

4.1 - Existing Density codes.

Roger Cummings passed out a list of know tape format standards from X3B5
for the group to review.  This list will be included in the next mailing
after a suitable disclaimer is added.

Paul Entzel brought a list of corrections to the QIC density codes in table
26.  This will also be included in the mailing.

4.2 - Density Support command (X3T10/95-224r4)

Ted went over his Report Density Support command proposal.  He wants to
make this command mandatory for SCSI-3 tape devices, and move the current
density code table to an historical annex.  Ralph suggested several minor
wording changes to clarify the document and comply with SAM terminology.
Ted and Ralph will continue this work later.

It was decided that tape capacity should return the capacity of the
currently mounted tape if the Media bit is set in the command, and the
maximum tape capacity if the Media bit is clear.

4.3 - Initiator controlled write protect.  (X3T10/95-134r0)

Arlan Stone had a couple of questions about the soft write protect proposal.

4.4 - Flushing the write buffer.

Arlan Stone pointed out that some commands do not specify that all write
data in the buffer must be written to tape before proceeding with the
command.  Ted will look over the SSC commands for other places were this
should be required.

4.5 - Log Sense Data.

Possible additions to Log Sense data for tape devices were discussed.
Arlan will write up a proposal for reporting tape cleaning and compression
ratio information.

4.6 - Locate to an invalid block.

How to handle a locate to a block that does not exist was discussed.  A
locate to just past the last block on tape should return good status.  A
locate for a position past EOD that stops at EOD should return BLANK CHECK,
EOD DETECTED set the valid bit and information bytes. If the locate gets
lost, it should return MEDIUM ERROR and an appropriate ASC/ASCQ.

4.7 - Compression identifiers in SSC Table 30.

Paul asked about including additional compression codes.  He will submit a
formal proposal later.

4.8 - Medium Type Field in Mode Sense Header.

This field will be made vendor unique instead of reserved to allow for
current QIC practice.

4.9 - Are setmarks and filemarks counted as blocks?

It was decided that Locate and Read Position should count setmarks and
filemarks as blocks.  This should be made explicit in the model in SMC.

4.10 - Tape Capacity page.

How to report remaining tape capacity was discussed, but no action was taken.

4.11 - Device Capabilities page.

Pauls proposal for a Device Capabilities page was discussed. This will be
worked on in future meetings.

5.    SMC Topics.

5.1 - Attached Medium Changer.

The ATAPI and MMC folks have some concerns about the Attached Medium
Changer, including a possible opcode conflict.  They would also like to
change the name of the attached model to the Embedded model.

5.2 - SMC document status.

Revision 4 of SMC was available at the meeting, and will be in the next

6.   Other Topics

No other topics were discussed.

7.    Meeting Schedule

The next meeting of the SSC/SMC Working Group will in Manchester hosted by
DEC. Actual meeting time will be determined by the X3T10 Plenary.

8.    Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m. on Thursday May 11, 1995.

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