Comments on Report LUN command

Binford, Charles cbinford at
Thu Jul 13 14:00:00 PDT 1995

     To:  SCSI reflector
   From:  Charles Binford, Symbios Logic
Subject:  Comments on Report LUN command

While I was reviewing the changes to the Report LUN command made in the SCSI 
Working Group at CO Springs I realized we probably also want to change what 
is reported in the LUN list length field.

Here is the text from current Report LUN proposal:

> The LUN list length shall contain the length in bytes of the
> LUN list. Essentially, the LUN list length is the number of
> logical unit numbers reported multiplied by eight.

Since the philosophy is now to always report all LUNs I believe we needs 
some words similar to what is used in Request Sense and Inquiry:

> If the allocation length of the command descriptor block is
> too small to transfer all of the *LUNs*, the *LUN list* length
> shall not be adjusted to reflect the truncation.

** mark changed words from the Inquiry description of the additional
length field.

Does this sound reasonable??

Also, the description of the CDB's allocation length field says >= 12 bytes. 
 I think it should read 14 bytes (6 bytes of header + 8 bytes of at least 
one LUN).

> The Allocation length shall be at least 12 bytes.  If the Allocation
> length is less than 12 bytes, the device server shall return CHECK
> CONDITION status.  The sense key shall be set to ILLEGAL REQUEST and
> the additional sense data shall be set to INVALID FIELD IN CDB.

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