WD FTP Reorg - finally

Duncan Penman penman at netcom.com
Tue Jul 4 20:02:02 PDT 1995

   As threatened some time back, I finally got around to restructuring the 
FTP directories on Western Digital's fission.dt.wdc.com FTP server.  With 
the exception of a couple of top level entries that I don't have 
permission to delete, all the FTP files are now in one of two directory 

  Standards and specifications produced by recognized industry groups are 
located under   /pub/standards    

  Other documents of various kinds are located under   /pub/otherdocs

  Subdirectory names for both trees should be pretty obvious.  I 
encourage anyone to make contributions.  /pub/otherdocs is quite sparse 
at the moment, although I have several things in mind to add to it.  I'd 
like to see this grow into a repository for all sorts of useful 
information of the sort that floats around and is hard to find.

  I spot checked a number of files after the restructuring and they all 
seemed OK.  If anyone encounters a problem, please let me know ASAP.  
Also, further refinements are solicited.  Make'm yourself or send me 
email and I'll do it.

  There are "incoming" directories in each tree if you want to contribute 
something and don't know where it belongs.

Duncan Penman
IIX Consulting
penman at netcom.com

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