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Louis Grantham Louis.Grantham at
Fri Jan 27 12:31:00 PST 1995

DuncanPenman wrote:
> . . .  It's probably
>also on the FTP site if anyone knows its new location. . .

There are actually two ftp sites where I have placed various X3T10 documents 
(including SIP):


At the moment both sites have the same information.  However, my access to 
ncrinfo is painfully  s l o w  now that our email systems have been 
separated.  Unless I find a way to automate the mirroring, I'll have to stop 
updating ncrinfo. (Of course, is very fast for me being in the 
same domain -- How do the two sites compare for people in other domains?)

Both machines have the following directory trees:


In addition to the above ftp sites, there are several more related to our 
work:     [Has draft Fibre Channel documents]  [Has FCSI Fibre Channel Profiles]  [Has ATA-2 and ATAPI documents, (see /pub/ata)]

Bulletin Board System:

    The SCSI BBS at 719-574-0424 (up to 14.4 kbaud)
    [Has the same files as on plus many more]

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