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+ Date: January 31, 1995
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You wrote:
>There are two concerns:
>- Do we want to keep 2.0V @ Ioh=7mA requirement?
>  If a driver is powerful enough to supply sufficient current in 
>  then the requirement is almost automatically satisfied, but is this DC
>  spec still required?  Perhaps not, since the value of active negation is
>  really in the rise transit.  So John's picture (if it is drawn
>  with finer resolution graphics) is totally agreeable.

If I understand your concern, you would prefer the diagonal load line to end 
on the right side at 2.0V, 7mA.  I assume it would then go vertical down to 
2.0V, 0mA, as shown below:

       |                                              |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |                                              |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 30 mA |                                              |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |                                              |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |                                              |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |                                              |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 22 mA +                                              |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 20 mA |\___                                          +---+xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |xxxx\___                                          |xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |xxxxxxxx\____                                     |xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |xxxxxxxxxxxxx\___                                 |xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\___                             |xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 10 mA |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\____                        |xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\____                   |xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7 mA |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|                  +--------+xxxxx
       |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|                           |xxxxx
       |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|                           |xxxxx
  0 mA +---------------+---------------+---------------+---+-------+-----
       0V              1V              2V              3V  3.24V   3.7V

               Figure 1 -- Active Negation Current vs. Voltage

I do not have any problem with making this change and will revise my 
committee proposal accordingly (of course, with better resolution graphics).

>- The load model on (current) Figure 1 is totally inadequate to be used
>  for slew rate and AC transition characteristics design / validation.
>  I prefer to use (unfortunately) a transmission line model like shown
>  below as Figure 2.

By Figure 1, I assume you mean the test circuit that has been in Fast-20 for 
several revisions:

       |\       O
       | \      |    47 Ohm +/- 5%
  -----|  >o----+------/\/\/\------+
       | /      |                 _|_
       |/    -------  C          | + |
             -------   L         |   | 2.5 V
                |                |_-_|
                |                  |
              -----              -----
               ---                ---
                -                  -
              (Isn't ASCII art fun?!?)

I agree that it is not a particularly good representation of our actual 
load, but if we were to change the test circuit, then we may have to 
re-address at least the slew rate specs and perhaps others.  I was trying to 
keep the lid on Pandora's Box by not changing too much in my proposal.

Your circuit is an excellent circuit to use to simulate a real load (and 
your TTY art is pretty good, too :-), but I would rather have a simpler 
circuit in the standard.  This circuit will probably have to be built by at 
least some of our customers for chip qualification.  If it is too 
complicated, it will be difficult to achieve consistent test results.

By the way, one thing that is not clear is where do you intend the 2.5 V be 
connected to the terminators?  I assume you intend each terminator to be:

         110 Ohm +/- 5%
                     | + |
                     |   | 2.5 V

In any case, I'd rather not bundle the test circuit issue with the minimum 
negation current issue.  If you wish to pursue the test circuit issue, I'd 
prefer that you generate a separate proposal; if it is accepted, I can help 
with creating the drawing for the working draft.



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