System Issues: The Bottom Line

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Mon Jan 30 22:03:40 PST 1995

Sometimes it's useful to point out the obvious.

Hale Landis did that for me a couple of days back and I'll pass it on 
because there's an important piece of truth in it.  It's quite simple.  
If we identify 2 or 3 real problems and focus on solving them over the 
next several months, we'll probably be successful.  The objective of the 
System Issues Study Group should be to pick the right 2 or 3 items.

This "system issues thing" is still at a stage where unbridled 
brainstorming is appropriate, but I want to condition people's 
expectations toward there being only a small number of projects to really 
come out of it.  If you had to pick one system issue to be resolved in 
1995, what would you choose?

A brief status report: 
The most active dialogue so far has been about
standards compliance for ATAPI CD-ROM drives.  ATASPI has raised some 
comment.  The only ATA topic that has hit the press this past week is 
more on the >1024 cylinder support issue.  I haven't heard anything from 
the SCSI side of the world.

Is life really this simple?  I wish I could believe it.  More likely I 
just haven't asked the right question yet.

Whatever the case, by the end of February I'll be summarizing the threads 
of these discussions with object of getting work started on a small 
number of items, if any items seem significant.  If you don't speak up 
now, don't complain later!

My sincere thanks to those who have taken the time to post your thoughts.


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