X3T10 Letter Ballot SY-95-01

LJLamers at aol.com LJLamers at aol.com
Sat Jan 28 08:01:10 PST 1995

X3T10 Alternates:

A letter ballot on "Approval of forwarding AT Attachment Interface with
Extensions (ATA-2) to X3 for further processing (compliance review and first
public review)." is being conducted in conjunction with the SY-95-01 X3T10

The letter ballot has been mailed to all principal members of X3T10 on record
as of  meeting #7 (January 12, 1995) of X3T10.

The letter ballot closes Thursday, March 2, 1995.

The letter ballot is in X3T10 mailing SY-95-01 (document #95-004r0).  The
ATA-2 document revision 2k is in X3T10 mailing SY-95-01.  These documents are
also available on the BBS.

Please note the new facsimile number for John Lohmeyer -  719-573-3037.

Lawrence J. Lamers
X3T10 Vice-Chair
ljlamers at aol.com

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