reflector email headers

Dal Allan 0002501752 at
Fri Jan 27 16:00:00 PST 1995

     TO:  ATA Reflector            NOT SENT TO:  ATAPI Reflector  
          Fibre Channel Reflector                SSA Reflector  
          HIPPI Reflector                        ESCON Reflector  
          SCSI Reflector                         FC-IP Reflector  
          SFF Reflector                          Others I forgot I am on.... 
   FROM:  Dal Allan  (dal_allan at 
In an email over the ATA and ATAPI reflectors, Rick Kalish mentioned a 
concern he has with sender identification in the headers. I thought it was 
me that had the problem on MCI Mail of not knowing where email was coming 
from, but it appears to be more widespread. He also said: 
> I hope this does not generate lots of reflector traffic... 
Too late, Rick.  
Only one reflector tells me it is the source, the FC-AE reflector. This 
means that for all the others, one has to guess by content which reflector 
the email was distributed over since they show only originator information. 
Here are a few examples from today's email to illustrate the point:  
   FC-AE                 From:     fc ae 
   SFF                   From:     Trimm Industries  
   SCSI                  From:     Bob Snively  
   ATAPI                 From:     Neil Sugie 
   ATA                   From:     RKalish 
   Fibre Channel         From:     roger cummings 
This situation makes it difficult to know whether the contents are private 
or public. As we are all discrete about private correspondence, the thought 
of making a mistake and blasting a reply back to a reflector instead of the 
individual should concern everyone.  
Might I add my voice to Rick's request? It would be a great improvement if 
the writer identified the reflector address(es) being broadcast over as part 
of the email, and included his/her name as originator.  
This is not being sent to all the reflectors, because this is about as close 
to junk email as you can get and I want to irritate the least number of 
people (no, I am not mellowing in my old age, but I have just returned from 
extended R&R). Yeah, I know, what I am asking is very easy to forget, and I 
will probably be amongst the first who fail to follow the suggestion....  

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