SCSI Reflector jabbering

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at
Thu Jan 26 08:39:00 PST 1995

Last night I received a couple frantic calls about the SCSI reflector 
jabbering messages every few minutes with headers, but no content. 
 Apparently, this problem only affected some of you.  I did not receive any 
of these messages even though my name is at the beginning of the reflector 

The problem was apparently caused by a large file (>3MB) sent to the 
reflector which caused the reflector machine to run out of disk space (as it 
tried to make over 200 copies of this message).  Once a Unix machine runs 
out of disk space, very ODD things happen...

I greatly appreciate the efforts of John Pedersen who came into work late 
last night to clear things up and I apologize to anyone who was 
inconvenienced by the failure.

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