X3T10 System Issues Study Group

Duncan.Penman at netcom.com Duncan.Penman at netcom.com
Tue Jan 24 20:00:57 PST 1995

X3T10 System Issues Study Group

At the January meeting of the X3T10 committee, there was general 
agreement that there are system issues beyond the actual ATA and SCSI 
interfaces that need attention in order to assure interoperability.  Many of 
these issues go beyond the traditional scope of X3T10 into such areas as 
OS interfaces and BIOS translation schemes.   At the plenary meeting on 
1/12, John Lohmeyer, the X3T10 chairman authorized a study group to 
map out what this "system issues" territory might contain and to make 
recommendations at the next plenary (in March) on how much of this is 
appropriate for X3T10 to work on.  

Some or all of the work that seems necessary may be better done outside of 
X3T10.  See a separate email, "System Issues: Processes" for a discussion 
of possible venues.  Regardless of eventual jurisdiction, the initial task of 
mapping the territory is an essential one and I ask your help in getting it 

I was appointed to coordinate the study group, with the understanding that 
most of the discussion would take place by email on the SCSI, ATA, 
ATAPI, or other reflectors.  This message is an invitation to all interested 
parties to participate, whether you normally participate in ANSI activities 
or not.  If you need information about the relevant email reflectors, drop 
me a note and I’ll try to help.

I also encourage people to communicate this initiative inside and outside 
their companies.  It wouldn’t hurt to hear some new voices speaking up.

In the interest of minimizing duplicate mail postings, I request that 
suggestions or discussions that pertain to only one interface be posted only 
to the reflector which deals with that interface.  I’ll post periodic global 
summaries to all reflectors. 

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