Mega Transfers per Second

Dal Allan 0002501752 at
Mon Jan 23 23:30:00 PST 1995

I agree with Bob that Xfr is an accepted abbreviation for Transfer. To use T 
to mean Transfer contradicts other accepted industry usage because it would 
be confused with the accepted symbol for Tera e.g.  
   TB = Terabyte       Tb = Terabit       TBs and TB/s = Terabytes/second 
Might I propose MXs or MX/s as being less confusing?  
I have never seen it used but then aren't we in the standards business?  
If we use MXs to avoid confusion, we have a de facto use which could go on 
to be universally adopted.  
P.S. MTs converts to MegaTeras for me, though a spelling of MegaTerrors 
would be much more apt for two kids who were on one of my recent flights. 

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