Abbreviation for "MegaTransfer"

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at Eng.Sun.COM
Sun Jan 22 21:47:14 PST 1995

An upper case T is used internationally as a symbol for Terra, as in
10**6 Giga.

I would suggest the the use of the more common abbreviation

	Transfer   ==  Xfer 

	Transfers per second  == Xfer/sec

I am not aware of any standard mechanism for documenting this


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>Subject: Abbreviation for "MegaTransfer"
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>	The subject of how to abbreviate the terms "Megatransfer" and 
>"Megatransfer/sec" has recently become more of an issue.
>	I have seen proposals to use the symbol "T" for transfer and 
>"MT/s" for megatransfers/sec.
>	Does anyone know if there is a standard symbol used in other 
>busses (IPI/HIPPI/etc?) for this.  If not does anyone object to the 
>symbols suggested above?  Other suggestions?
>	We will start to use these symbols within Digital if there are 
>no others identified and will present paper in March to begin to
>formalize the selection. 
>					Cheers,
>					Bill

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