FAST-20 Question

Lee Cleveland lcleveland at VNET.IBM.COM
Mon Jan 23 10:41:10 PST 1995

Ron is trying to valid a SCSI Driver design for me and has the following
question can somebody please answer.

 I have a question about section 6.1.2 e. of the FAST-20 working draft.

 From the words below e) it appears that the intent is to insure that
 the driver will drive 22 mA at ALL voltages below 2,0 V.  I believe
 that the way e) is written it is only necessary for the driver to
 drive 22 mA at ANY voltage below 2,0 V.  For example, I believe that
 driving 22 mA at 0,0 V would meet section e) , but I'm not sure that
 was the intent.

 Perhaps a better wording would be:

  e) Ioh (high-level output current > 22 mA (signal negated) @
     Voh = 2,0 V. d.c.

     Note the = rather than < on the voltage.

 If I'm misunderstand the intent of e) please clarify the intent.

 Ronald DeRemer, Advisory Engineer, VLSI Circuit Development

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