Abbreviation for "MegaTransfer"

Bill Ham DTN 237-2629, SHR3-2/W8 ham at
Mon Jan 23 09:23:49 PST 1995


	The subject of how to abbreviate the terms "Megatransfer" and 
"Megatransfer/sec" has recently become more of an issue.

	I have seen proposals to use the symbol "T" for transfer and 
"MT/s" for megatransfers/sec.

	Does anyone know if there is a standard symbol used in other 
busses (IPI/HIPPI/etc?) for this.  If not does anyone object to the 
symbols suggested above?  Other suggestions?

	We will start to use these symbols within Digital if there are 
no others identified and will present paper in March to begin to
formalize the selection. 



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