Extended FC-AL Disk attach meeting

Kurt Chan kc at core.rose.hp.com
Thu Jan 19 09:24:49 PST 1995

From:  Kurt Chan, HP
To:    FC, SCSI reflectors
Subj:  Extended FC-AL Disk Attach meeting
Date:  Thu Jan 19 09:16:15 PST 1995

Over the last week several new FC-AL profile protocol issues have come

- Performance issues on reconfiguration 
- ACA/UA and multi-initiator
- FCP_DL reconciliation with CDB 
- Login_BB_Credit > 0 and compatibility 

Therefore, by popular demand I've scheduled a second day (Dal - what
vision you have) on Friday 2/3 to discuss these issues.  The meeting
will either be at Adaptec again, or I'll get a room at the Crown
Sterling Suites (408-942-0400) nearby - I'll post an update when we
nail down the location.


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