MMC Minutes X3T10/95-119R0

Mon Jan 16 15:34:55 PST 1995

Accredited Standards Committee*
X3, Information Processing Systems

Doc. No.   X3T10/95-119R0
Date:	     January 11, 1995
Project:	X3T10-1048D	
Ref. Doc.:	X3T10/94-057
Reply to:  	R. Roberts

To:		Membership of X3T10
From:	Lamers/Roberts
Subject:	Minutes of X3T10 MMC  Working Group - January 11, 1995

1.  OPENNING REMARKS	                                                2
3.  DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION                                 	2
4.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA	                                                2
5.  REVIEW OF ACTION ITEMS	                                2
6.  OLD BUSINESS	                        
7.  NEW BUSINESS	                                                     
8.  CALL FOR PATENTS	                                                3
9.  LIAISON REPORTS	                                                3
10.  ACTION ITEMS	                                                    
11.  MEETING SCHEDULE	                                                3
12.  ADJOURNMENT	                                                3

 1.  Openning Remarks
Ron Roberts convened the meeting at 1:00 pm.  He thanked Steve Finch of
Silicon Systems for hosting the meeting. He also requested that Larry Lamers
take the minutes and thanked him for accepting the request.
As is customary, the people attending introduced themselves.  A copy of the
attendance list was circulated for attendance and corrections.
It was stated that the meeting had been authorized by X3T10 and would be
conducted under the X3 rules.  Ad hoc meetings take no final actions, but prep
are recommendations for approval by the X3T10 task group.  The voting rules
for the meeting are those of the parent committee, X3T10.  For the ad hoc,
other than straw votes, the voing rules  are:  one vote per participating
The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the X3T10 BBS and the SCSI
Reflector and will be included in the next X3T10 committee mailing.

2.  Attendance and Membership, Introductions
Attendance at working group meetings does not count toward minimum attendance
requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working group meetings are open to any
person or company to attend and to express their opinion on the subjects
being discussed.
The following people attended the meeting.

NAME	                          ORGANIZATION	                        EMAIL
Lawrence J. Lamers	Adaptec, Inc.	                  ljlamers at
Kevin James	                AMD	         
                        kevin.james at
Joseph Chen	                Cirrus Logic	                  chen at
Rob Sims                    	HP	
                                 robsims at
Duncan Penman	                IIX Consulting	
                 penman at
Mike Flora	                Microsoft	   
                              mikefl at
Chris D'Iorid	                NEC Technologies	             
    cd-iorio at
Peter Brown	                Oak Technology, Inc
                 brown at
Kazushige Yoshino 	Sanyo	
Ron Roberts	                Sierra-Pac Technology
            rkroberts at
Devon Worrell	                Western Digital Corporation	 worrell at
Tom Hanan	                Western Digital Corporation	 hanan_t at
Dennis P. Moore	               Zadian Technologies	 dmoore at

3.  Document Distribution
1048D		Multi-Media Commands revision 2
95-104r0	CD-R Command Set Proposal for MMC

4.  Approval of Agenda
The agenda was approved as presented.

5.  Review of Action Items
1)	none

6.  Old Business
After much discussion it was concluded that the Multi-Media Command Set
document will contain the commands for a group of technologies, identified by
the working group. Proposals for inclusion, of identified commands, will be
accepted from any individual. 
Technology focus: ATAPI, CD-ROM, CD-R,  CD-PCR,  at high priority
Changers,  high capacity CD's as secondary effort.  These efforts need
proposals or at least some input for understanding the impact of technology
on the current project.
It was agreed that the questions raised in reference to the SONY proposal woul
d be enterred on the reflector and addressed there prior to the meetings on
Feb 2.
The reflector will be    MMC at

7.  New Business
The working group decided that a Statement of Work was needed to clarify
the goals of the working group. That statement is as follows:
Accept proposals, from individuals within the industry, for the identified
technologies, to be included within the multi-media command set document(s).
These proposals shall be reviewed and, those items deemed appropriate, be
included within the Multi-Media Command Set document(s). Where conflicts
exist, it is the responsibility of the working group to resolve them within
an agreed upon schedule.
Open items that need be resolved:
	A. Schedule for draft standard generation.
	B. Review Rev 2.0 of the current document (working draft)
8.  Call for Patents
Ron Roberts requested that anyone aware of and patents required for the
proposals, be disclosed early in accordance with the ANSI patent policy.

9.  Liaison Reports

10.  Action Items
1)	Duncan Penman to post list of MMC/ATAPI issues to reflector.
2)	Ron Roberts to post minutes to the SCSI & MMC reflector by 1/19/95
3)	Ron Roberts to post 2/2/95 agenda to the MMC reflector by 1/20/95

11.  Meeting Schedule
February 2, 3(?) 1995 at Santa Clara, CA hosted by Apple Computer.
March 8, 1995 at Newport Beach, CA hosted by Qlogic.

12.  Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at  4:00 PM on January 11, 1995.

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